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Academic Tools Program

Ruth’s Own Innovative Academic Tools Program is a distinctly concrete, specific, barebones, and comprehensive program that covers all skill areas necessary for true academic success! This unique program is great for preteens, teens, and young adults when nothing else has worked, or they’re not motivated, disciplined, organized or they're overwhelmed, anxious, apathetic, or procrastinating, and they’re experiencing academic problems and/or failing grades. They’re not at their learning potential. 


Skill sets include:

  • Organization for all “loose papers” 

  • Assignment Notebook - a radically unique approach that includes time management and planning, accountability, and more 

  • Follow-through with homework, and accountability 

  • Reading textbooks, to increase comprehension and recall, and to decrease study time for tests      

  • Study skills for tests and quizzes - includes specific steps for studying from “loose papers” (including notes) and from textbooks and workbooks 

  • Daytimer 

  • Parent training - includes daily and weekly structure, a check-in system for accountability, effective consequences and reinforcement, accommodations for academics, and more

This unique program teaches such structure and follow through that naturally carries over into other life skills. It is absolutely helpful for those with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities (LD) or difficulties, and/or other disorders or challenges.


Over the years, Ruth’s teens and young adults taught her what works for them, and this program is a big part of their input and experience. It continues to be most effective and successful in helping students maximize their academic performance and start to reach their true learning potential. 


  • Improved grades 

  • Improved time management 

  • Improved responsibility and discipline 

  • Improved organization skills 

  • Improved accountability 

  • Improved motivation 

  • Improved follow-through 

  • Improved study skills 

  • Improved comprehension and recall 

  • Improved learning potential 

  • Improved parent/teen relationships

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