Life Skills

Life skills training is Ruth’s absolute passion and forte! When other services are needed, she is always training and coaching various life skills as well.

Ruth specializes in preteens', teens', and young adults’ home, school, personal, and social lives with the following skill sets and challenges:

  • Character development and personal growth 

  • Self insight

  • Self confidence, authenticity, and resilience

  • Self advocacy, owning one’s own power 

  • Self regulation, self control

  • Respect 

  • Social and emotional issues accompanying any learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, and/or other disorders or difficulties 

  • Communication skills and active listening skills 

  • Problem-solving strategies

  • Challenging and changing unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts and behaviors 

  • Decision-making: Active Choice and Options Training 

  • Understanding and accepting short and long-term consequences of one’s actions (cause/effect relationship) 

  • Stress management (calm in the midst of the storm) 

  • Structure and routine 

  • Boundary-setting 

  • Anxiety 

  • Anger management 

  • Setting goals, making plans, and following through 

  • Executive functioning skills 

  • Free time and personal interests 

  • Current youth trends and problems associated with them: including bullying, peer pressure, "nature deficit", power of and problems with media: music, TV, tech toys such as social media, gaming, all “screens” 

  • Substance abuse


"There’s almost always more than one choice we can make with any circumstance we face. We can become Options People, learning we always have Active Choice moment to moment, and with each option, each choice, realizing what the consequences positive or negative will be, accepting the consequence(s), and move forward."

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