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Ruth has had the privilege throughout her professional life of mentoring teens and young adults with a variety of needs, and strengths. The word mentor means trusted guide, counselor, trainer, advisor. In building strong relationships with young people, she encourages and guides them towards increased self confidence and authenticity, and ever towards realizing and actualizing their best selves. 

Ruth's desire is to ignite each teen's and young adult’s unique vision for themselves, and their own giftings, hope, self-respect, and empowerment. She also guides and encourages them to engage their own heart and imagination with anything that instructs, inspires, and enriches life, such as journaling, reading, workshops and classes, the arts, and being physically active outdoors: hiking, biking, and so much more!     


Ruth is deeply passionate about mentoring and believes everyone can benefit greatly from this unique experience! Ruth herself is blessed to have a mentor, since the age of 20. 

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