Ruth Rosio



Life Skills Coach


Education Therapist

Substance Abuse Counselor

Ruth's passion and forte is and has always been her work with children, teens, and young adults:

  • struggling with learning, academic, behavior, and/or emotional difficulties or disorders


  • needing to grow in their personal and/or academic lives in new ways that help them thrive and begin to realize and actualize their true potential for learning and for life


  • needing to change unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts and behaviors

Ruth has been serving these populations in private practice out of Wheaton, IL, for over 25 years, and her joy in participating in their journeys toward growth, success, new life, is ever present and always growing! She encourages children, teens, and young adults, guiding them towards realizing and actualizing their true strengths, uniqueness, lovability, and their potential for success in life. 

Ruth also specializes in children, teens, and young adults who are hard to reach or when nothing else has worked.

Ruth's approach:

Cognitive, behavioral, educational, and relational 

Hallmark features of Ruth's work:

Passion, creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, and humor. Ruth is down to earth, engaging, an encourager, and Fun, definitely different from the norm!

Professional Experience


More than 25 years:

Private practice - teacher, counselor, coach, mentor for children, teens, and young adults with a wide range of presenting behavior, emotional, learning, and/or academic difficulties or disorders

Consultant for public and private junior and senior high schools concerning at-risk preteens/teens, as well as special ed advocate


Presents workshops for the 2 programs she created:

  • Ruth's Own Innovative Academic Tools Program

  • Ruth's Own Distinctive Discipline Program


Behavior Disorders (BD) high school head teacher - created and ran a self-contained program in a public high school for teens with behavior disorders and difficulties for 8 years

Behavior Disorders (BD) head teacher at an alternative junior/senior high school for pre-teens/teens with severe behavior disorders

Throughout her career as a BD teacher, with the classrooms being self-contained, Ruth taught the majority of her students' courses, creating most of the curriculum each year. She had the freedom to use the most appropriate textbooks for each academic subject to accommodate for the large variation in reading ability. Ruth's students ranged from 4th through 12th grade reading levels, as most of her teens had significant learning disabilities or difficulties as well. Therefore, for most courses, she used 2+ texts per subject.


Teacher's assistant at 3 closely related alternative schools - elementary grades through senior high, for students with severe behavior disorders

Past Experiences

  • Facilitated a majority of the therapy groups at a Department of Corrections (DOC) addictions treatment facility for adolescent males struggling with substance abuse

  • Contracted out with DOC to work with ODD and CD adolescent males also struggling with ADD or ADHD and/or dyslexia

  • Ran life skills groups at 3/4-way home for adult men recovering from substance abuse



Master's Degree in Special Education: Behavior and Emotional Disorders 

Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL


Bachelor of Arts Degree: Visual Arts

Judson University, Elgin, IL


Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC)
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL

Completed full coursework and training in dyslexia and Project Read, a spin-off program of Orton Gillingham
Language Circle, Bloomington, MN

Certifications/Professional Memberships

Maintain dual teaching certifications K-12, in both Behavior and Emotional Disorders (BD/ED) and Learning Disabilities (LD)


Maintain CADC standing (Certified Alcohol and other Drug Counselor)

Member of Illinois Association for Behavioral Health

(IABH) and Illinois Certification Board (ICB)

Member of International Dyslexia Association (Everyone Reading Illinois - ERI)


Specialized education and training through continual mental health and addictions conferences and workshops - for ADHD, behavior and emotional disorders, substance abuse, addictions, and more


Personal Interests
fine art photography and the arts
folk music and Celtic music
sailing, kayaking 
hiking, biking, camping
road trips, travel

landscapes, gardening

interior design, architecture

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