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Substance Abuse

Ruth offers counseling, support, education, and accountability for the preteen, teen, or young adult who is experimenting with, regularly using, or addicted to alcohol, pot, prescription drugs, and/or other drugs. The goal is for youth to rebuild their lives free from dependency on substances. Ruth also specializes in other addictive behaviors, especially online addictions

Ruth’s services include:  

  • Education 

    • alcohol, pot, and other drugs

    • online addictions 

    • addictions and dependency                         

  • Life Skills 

    • identify and process feelings and needs

    • challenge and change unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts 

    • self-regulation 

    • decision-making 

    • problem-solving 

    • anger management

    • and more

  • Relapse Prevention - education, accountability, and support

See Also:

Executive Functioning Skills

Life Skills 

Parent Training and Support 


All goals, from the smallest to the largest, start with small steps. It can all be so doable, this thing called life. Personal change and growth are doable! We can all actively strive for and actualize New Life each day, for the rest of our lives! 

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