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Parent Training & Support

Ruth is equally passionate about working with parents! Their involvement can actually quicken as well as deepen the progress and personal growth of their child. Parent(s) come separately for a session usually one or more times a month, whatever works for them and for how long they feel is needed. It is either Ruth’s suggestion or parents' seeking help, both happening in equal measure. 

Ruth is always thrilled to be a part of supporting, encouraging, and guiding parents, and is continually inspired by their own growth and improved relationships they develop with their children.

Ruth trains and equips parents with the following: 

  • ADHD education

  • Effective communication skills 

  • Emotional self-regulation 

  • Structure and routine 

  • Consistent rules, discipline, and follow-through 

  • Boundary-setting 

  • Effective consequences and reinforcement 

  • Accountability 

  • Education - your child’s disability or difficulty, current issues 

  • Ruth’s Own Innovative Academic Tools Program 

  • Ruth’s Own Distinctive Discipline Program

  • Guiding parents with their own ADHD journey

  • And more

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