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Academic Performance

When a student’s academic performance is not where it could be - students are not at their true learning potential, or they’re failing one or more subjects, they are showing their need for additional guidance, instruction, and support.

Ruth specializes in the following learning difficulties: 

  • Not good follow-through with homework

  • Procrastination

  • Not at learning potential

  • ADD and ADHD

  • Not motivated 

  • Problems with executive functioning skills, such as organization, time management and planning, short and long term goal setting and follow-through, and more 

  • Failing grades 

  • School anxiety 

  • School resistance

  • And more


Ruth's goals are for young people to love learning, to start actualizing their own true learning potential, and to embrace learning and growing as integral parts of their everyday lives. Ruth also uses her own Innovative Academic Tools Program,  a unique, specific, comprehensive, and barebones approach to aid in attacking these issues listed above.


Many of my clients who are or have been in college come to work with me after they've experienced failing courses or are moving towards that, and have left college or are thinking of leaving. They really want to try college again or stay in, with new academic skills and life skills training to enable them to start succeeding and reaching their true potential for school and for life. 

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