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Attention Deficit Disorder
With or Without Hyperactivity

Ruth's passion and forte are teens and young adults who struggle with ADHD. ADHD is a complex neurobiological and neurobehavioral condition typically manifested by executive function impairments. As an ADHD coach, Ruth works with how the ADHD brain operates in order to focus, follow through, stay on task, and to achieve ones goals and dreams. All ADHD struggles fall under these three categories:

  • Inattentiveness 

  • Impulsivity

  • Hyperactivity (Not everyone experiences this)

Ruth holds a master’s degree in Behavior and Emotional Disorders. She continues to be fascinated with young people’s behavior choices, how they deal with the consequences of their choices, and how thoughts determine behavior.

The following are some examples of ADHD challenges:

organization, structure, motivation, time awareness and management, planning, prioritizing, focus and follow-through with tasks and goals, listening skills, being forgetful with daily activities, racing thoughts and behaviors, difficulty delaying gratification, restlessness, easily frustrated, poor awareness and insight into self and others, processing skills

The five forms of treatment, all which include training executive functioning skills, and exercise and medication. These first four are Ruth’s specialties and her passion. If someone is seeking medication treatment, Ruth refers to local doctors and psychiatrists she highly respects.

Those with ADHD can focus well with one-on-one attention, and/or if something is novel, interesting, exciting, or intimidating (fear-based). With Ruth, they receive 100% of her attention, one-on-one; her environment is inviting and relaxing. Her work is continually novel, interesting, and exciting, different from the norm. 

There are great advantages that ADHD can offer an individual: high energy, great creativity, intuitiveness, enthusiasm, high achievement, empathy, non-conventional, a most successful adaptive lifestyle, to name just a few. Ruth loves empowering ADHD teens and young adults to cultivate and celebrate all their unique and wonderful traits!

Ruth's goals are for teens and young adults to experience and embrace successful and healthy behavior management, change and growth and to navigate life well and thrive.

Ruth is also passionate about training and supporting parents. 

Ruth specializes in these behavior disorders as well: 

  • ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)

Presenting behavior problems are frequent and persistent anger, arguing, resistiveness, irritability, defiance, and/or vindictiveness towards authority figures, including the parents. 

  • EBD (Emotional Behavioral Disorder)

Presenting behavior problems are difficulty with interpersonal relationships, inappropriate feelings or behaviors under normal circumstances, and general feelings of unhappiness, depression, fear, and/or anxiety with personal and school problems.

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