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Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are the mental processes that enable us to manage our daily lives well, through our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. These skills allow us to accomplish what we need to, to succeed and thrive in life, and to realize and actualize our own dreams and goals. We use these skills moment to moment every day.

Ruth specializes in the following skill sets: ​​​

  • Paying attention, focus

  • Task initiation (not procrastinating)

  • Self motivation

  • Follow through of tasks to completion

  • Planning/Prioritizing 

  • Time management

  • Organization

  • Achieving goals

  • Perception and reflection

  • Problem solving and coping skills

  • Decision making

  • Active listening skills

  • Self monitoring

  • Self control, emotional control

  • Stress tolerance 

  • Following directions

  • Abstract thinking and critical thinking

  • Working memory (short term and long term)

    • Keeping new information in thought and memory and using it in various and new ways​​

    • Affects learning in many ways

  • Flexible thought

    • Understand and open to different points of view

    • New and different ways of doing things

    • Adaptability 

Executive functioning skills are all learned behaviors and skills and can be taught at any age. Behaviors and feelings come from thoughts, from what we tell ourselves. So training in this area involves challenging and changing unhelpful and unhealthy thinking.

These challenges are also commonly seen in individuals who have a specific learning disability, ADD, ADHD, and/or other behavior or emotional disorders or difficulties, and/or substance abuse, all of which Ruth is highly experienced, educated, and specialized in.

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