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Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functions are skills and processes that manage, control, and regulate higher mental processes, such as problem solving, memory, abstract thinking, perception, attention, and language use. They allow us to plan, organize, and complete tasks and goals. With every service Ruth offers, she is always including, as part of her focus and attention, executive functioning skills training.


Ruth specializes in the following skill sets: 

  • Organizing 

  • Prioritizing 

  • Decision-making 

  • Goal setting, task-initiation, and follow-through 

  • Memory (short and long term) 

  • Time-management and planning 

  • Flexible thinking 

  • Paying attention 

  • Multitasking 

  • Impulse-control 

  • Emotional and behavioral self-regulation

  • And more

This is not a learning disability, but these challenges are almost always seen in individuals who have a specific learning disability, ADHD, behavior or emotional disorders or difficulties, and/or addictions, all of which Ruth is highly experienced, educated, and specialized in.