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Executive Functions

Life skills are based on executive functions:  mental processes that bring together our social, emotional, and cognitive capabilities...

Behavior Disorders

 Ruth's goals are for preteens, teens, and young adults to experience and embrace successful and healthy behavior management, change, and growth, and to not just succeed, but to thrive. 


Academic Performance

When a student’s academic performance is not where it could be -  students are not at their true learning potential, or they’re failing one or more subjects...


Learning Disabilities

Ruth specializes in dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing disorders, and language processing disorders.

 Discipline Program

Finally, an exceptionally concrete, structured, and comprehensive program that works...when nothing else has!


Substance Abuse

Ruth offers counseling, support, education, and accountability for the preteen, teen, or young adult who is experimenting with, regularly using, or addicted to alcohol, pot, prescription drugs, and/or other drugs.

Parent Training & Support

Ruth is equally passionate about working with parents!


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